Alain Serveau

Alain Serveau was born in Nuits-Saint-Georges, into a family of Côte de Nuits growers. It was at his family’s estate that he learned about viticulture and the magic of winemaking - this was the beginning of his “vine to glass” career path.

Passionate about terroir, the alchemy between grape varieties, soil types, the climate, and human intervention, Alain Serveau went on to gain expertise by travelling around France’s viticultural regions. He studied in Bordeaux, created a range of varietal wines in the south of France, mastered blending techniques. He joined the Bichot family in 1995 as Technical Director.

Improving the quality of the House’s wines became his credo: managing upstream processes, implementing grower-negociant partnerships and policies related to the purchase of grapes and low yields, and using growing methods similar to those used in organic agriculture. The changes that Alain Serveau has made in the vineyards at Albert Bichot’s estates materialize in the barrels and take shape in the glass.

By organizing and supervising specialized teams at each estate, he has participated in giving Albert Bichot’s wines their highly diverse personalities. The style that he imparts allows each wine to express and showcase the wealth of Burgundy’s terroirs and climats.

Vintage after vintage, Alain Serveau has managed to give Albert Bichot wines that unique expression that makes Burgundy wines incomparable and faithful to their origins… from the vine to your wine glass.


Matthieu Mangenot

Immediately after completing his studies, Matthieu Mangenot set out to acquire experience at different estates, notably in South Africa, Lebanon and Bordeaux.

After his first experience in the Mâconnais - Beaujolais region, he joined Albert Bichot in 2007, as manager of the Domaine Long-Depaquit estate in Chablis. His dual training as an agronomist and an oenologist allows him to have a comprehensive approach to winemaking, from vineyard management to bottling.

Through in-depth work in the vineyards, he puts the grape at the heart of his strategy of showcasing the terroirs and supports a non-interventionist approach at the winery.

In 2018, he continues to pursue his career at Albert Bichot, having taken on new responsibilities as Assistant Technical Director at the head office in Beaune. His knowledge of soil formations and his pragmatic, transversal approach benefit the development of the House’s productions, while respecting its concern for authenticity and sustainability.

Cyrille Jacquelin

A scientist at heart and passionate about nature, Cyrille Jacquelin joined the Albert Bichot estates at the dawning of the 1996 vintage.

After exploring various jobs around the cellar and vinification techniques, he went back to school to become an oenologist. The ageing of the wines became his preoccupation, and so he took on the supervision of their evolution at our cellars in Beaune and at our Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune estates, selecting wood for the barrels and evaluating the potential of each cru so that it could reach its peak of expression.

Since 2005, he has been in charge of vinifications at Domaine du Clos Frantin, as the great Pinot Noirs from the Côte de Nuits are perfectly cut out for his creative mind. For him, wine represents desire, a question. It elicits both sensations and contemplation.

Christophe Chauvel

Born in Angers, Christophe Chauvel arrived in Burgundy in 1982 to study at Beaune’s viticultural secondary school.

After gaining experience under "World’s Best Sommelier” Jean-Luc Pouteau at the restaurant Pavillon Elysée Lenôtre in Paris, he decided to go back to school to follow a 4-year winemaking program in Bordeaux.

Back in Burgundy, and after 7 years of experience working with Pierre Morey (one of the pioneers of biodynamics in Meursault), he joined the Albert Bichot estates in 1999.

Under his management, the Côte-d’Or estates and Domaine Adélie in the Côte Chalonnaise have benefitted from his expertise and his understanding of and respect for the diverse terroirs and the implementation of organic agriculture.


Louis Gimonnet

After graduating as an Agronomic Engineer at Agroparistech, Louis Gimonnet specialized in vine growing and winemaking by completing an International Master’s degree in «Vine and Wine Sciences» and a DNO (National Diploma of Oenologist) at the prestigious Supagro school in Montpellier.

During his study internships in France (Champagne, Corsica) but also in the United States (Oregon and California), he developed his skills in oenology during the vinification and ageing of still reds and whites and sparkling wines.
His first professional experiments then led him to Burgundy and Champagne where he held positions directly related to viticulture (soil study, management of the evolution of the vine and soils, etc.).

Louis Gimonnet joined Maison Albert Bichot in July 2021 as Estate Manager of Domaine Long-Depaquit in Chablis.
His duties cover all of the estate’s technical activities, from vineyard management through to bottling.
While Domaine Long-Depaquit has been certified HVE (High Environmental Value) Level 3 since 2019, Louis will pursue the sustainable viticulture approach initiated by Albert Bichot for many years by continuing to expand organic farming in the vineyards of the Domaine.

Martial Beauvais

The son of a winegrower, Martial Beauvais discovered the job when he was very young and quickly became passionate about it.

He spent 4 years studying viticulture at a private school near Beaune and gained on-site training at several well-known estates.

In 1993, he joined the team at one of Burgundy’s leading wine houses where he practised organic and biodynamic viticulture.

He arrived at the Albert Bichot Estates in 1999 as vineyard manager at Domaine du Clos Frantin, in Nuits-Saint-Georges. He is enthusiastic about sharing his experience and ensures, as he always has done, that the terroir and the vines are respected.

Dominique Bon

Dominique Bon became interested in viticulture as a young boy. He learned about the job when he was 8 and spent his Wednesdays - French schoolchildren’s day off at the time - working in the vineyards with his father.

After 3 years of studies at Beaune’s viticultural secondary school, he was made manager at an estate in Meursault at the age of 20. He was in charge of clients’ vines and vinification for 13 years. On the side, he took over a small 2-hectare estate, which he still looks after.

He joined the Albert Bichot estates in 2000 as vineyard manager at Domaine du Pavillon in Pommard. His knowledge of vines and specificities of the local terroirs are precious assets.

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